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Looking at yourself.  

What do you see in your own way? 

Looking ahead.




​ Understating yourself beyond your worries and problems.    



​The power you possess inside that needs to be seen and acknowledged in a safe place.  


WAY  ​

The way you go,

Find yourself by taking the  walk.

Suffering is a state that cannot be amended due to its heaviness and pain. 


Behind it

there may be a deeper feeling that you are unaware of, but staying inside of you. 

It's very painful and too big for me to hold.

Slowly, I get used not to looking at it as much as possible

And I may have come so far, trying hard to overcome it.

It must be

For you to get through

To survive somehow

The means are taken.

We recognize your hard work.


And we want to be close to your heart; take a look at it


with you

When you are in deep suffering, that suffering is

Let us acknowledge together what the suffering mutters.​

or screaming out 

We value how you hold your problems and worries

We see them as a part of you

In counseling, we take a journey together

look inside yourself and

what's in there​

Various sensations and emotions


And together, we find a new path to take 

plant a new seed to bloom

at your own pace

for a new reason


It is an experience of feeling your true self.

It's an experience of being deeply involved with yourself.

​And from there, you can see a new view (VIEW),

And we hope to provide and see a new view together.

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