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Recording consent form



Recording a session allows us to focus more on it, as we don't have to take notes during the session. By reviewing the recording after the session, we can discover what we missed and gain a better understanding. Since we can utilize them from the next time onward, we can enhance the effect in the session, and it will be possible to give back directly to the client.
The recorded materials assisted us in improving for better counseling skills and receiving supervision (counseling guidance and education by psychological experts) based on them. Supervision is the most effective way for counselors to improve their sessions.

Recordings are, of course, subject to confidentiality (see Privacy Policy for details).

Even if you agree once, you can revoke your consent at any time. Cancellation can be made for the entire counseling session or part of it (* 1).

Recordings are stored on a secure hard disk that cannot be accessed from the outside.

If you consent to record, you can select the range below.

(* 1) This consent form cannot be canceled for papers and copyrighted works that have already been published or published.

I agree to the following check items regarding the range of use of the recorded session video.

You for completing the form.  ​The counselor in charge will send you an email containing the details of your consent.

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